Thinkquest Activities in the Vidyalaya started in this Vidyalaya in the year 2004 as a pilot project and since then the vidyalaya has achieved many mile stones in this activity. Today 69 teachers and over 2350 students are registered with The Vidyalaya is well renound for her achievements in Thinkquest over the years and has fully integrated this activity as a part of collaborative and project based learning platform.

Achievments in Thinkquest

Year Achievements
2007 Ramachandran, Mrs S Vijayal, Mrs Priya G Nath and  Smt B Rathy were all winners of Think India Contest
2007 "Fibonacci Series" was included in ThinkQuest Library.
2008 "All That Glitters is Not Gold" and "The Crawling legends" were included in Thinkquest Library
2008 The Vidyalaya was the winner of School Leadership program.
2008 Miss Indu Krishnadas was finalist in "Space Scientist Contest"
2009 "Flying Jewels" was declared the International Winner in the Honorable mention category. Ms Parinita Shinoy, Mas Harsh Saraswat and Mr Ashok Sengupta received an Apple Laptop each worth $1200 for this award.
2009 "Technology-Handle with care", "Prophets of Peace", "Ayurveda-Road to Healthy Living", "Muted by Nature", "Aging Boom" were te websites that went in to Thinkquest Library.
2009 "Ayurveda - the way to healthy life" and "Magical India" were the Narrative Projects that webt into Thinkquest Library".
2009 "Prepositions" by Ms Rathy has been spot lighted by Thinkquest.
2009 "Computer Organisation-An Inner look" by class XI CS students has been spotlighted by North American Teachers.

Administrators in Thinkquest

Name Desg Classes Allotted
Mr Ashok Sengupta PGT CS XI and XII IP and CS
Mrs K Latha PGT Bio X, XI and XII
Mrs Parameswari PGT Eng IX
Mrs K Vijayal TGT Math VIII
Mrs Rathy B PRT Primary

Students Enrolled in Thinkquest

Class Enrolled
IV 193
V 155
VI 217
VII 234
VIII 244
IX 238
X 237
XI 206
XII 163