1 Admission MR V.PUJARI HM,Mrs Meena Thomos,Mrs Latha PRT,Mrs P.K.Bhanumathy, Mr DS Suresh To scrutinise the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the admission guidelines
2 Examination
Mr B L Meena  Mrs N.Indira Mr Narayan Dhas, Mr Ramkumar,
 Mr Kisun Lal,Mrs PP Reena,
 Mrs Subha
Mrs P.K.Bhanumathy, Mrs Jyothi Agarwal, Mrs Suman
To plan& conduct the exams. as per KVS calendar of activities. To ensure the evaluation of internal assessment and grading of co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS. To give suitable instructions to class teachers for maintaining all the relevant records 
3 External Examination Mr T.Narayan Das Mr B L Meena,
Mr TA Prakshan,Mr Subash Vasu
To conduct all external exams as per the norms and maintain record
4 C B S E Mrs Telma Fernandez Mr A B Subash, Mr Ashok Sengupta. Mr TA Prakshan,
Mr Subash Vasu
To conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records.To carry out all correspondence with CBSE reg name change, mistakes in documents etc
5 Time - Table Mrs Deepa Kumaran. Mrs santosh Chopra PRT Mrs Neelu Sharma, Mrs Annapoorna Pai,Mrs KU Preetha To prepare & execute time table as per the KVS norms. To make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies. -To device workable & suitable assignment/ remedial time-table.To make arrangement for classes suitably as per requirement.To Prepare the staff sanction proposal carefully as and when asked by KVS
6 C.C.A & Value Education Mrs Mini Mullath, Mrs Jasmie PRT Mrs Isha Mahajan, Mr Subash Vasu, Mrs Neha Sharma, Miss Yoshita panchal, Mrs Rajni Teotia and all House masters To organize Inter house competitions effectively and to celebrate all the days of National importance/ occasions with the assistance of House Masters and other experts in a planned manner. To active conduct of MorningAssembly. 
To monitor day to day Morning Assembly programme effectively and ensure befitting presentation on all fronts on time.
7 Student Council Mrs Mini Mullath Mr Subash AB,Mrs Leena John and Mrs Liji Mathew To select SPL, House captains and other members of the council for carrying out  their usual work in consultation with the Principal. To implement pass system. Systematic/ orderly movement of students for assembly. Checking of late comers.
8 External Competitions Mrs Seema saraswat TGT and Mrs Deepti Francis PRT Mrs Annapoorna,Mrs Lalitha,
Mrs Anita Markam, Mrs Shantini
To coordinate all external competitions relevant to our system.
9 Furniture Mr A.K.Singh PGT Eco, Mrs Daisy Nelson PRT Mr S.M.Chuhan,Mr KisunLal,
Mrs Rajitha, Mr Rajman  PRT and Mr Vishal PRT
To ensure that all furniture bear serial numbers and the year of purchase.   To ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms, including repair of furniture as per the rules. To maintain necessary records
10 I C T Mr Ashok Sengupta PGT (CS) Mrs Divya C.K,Mr Ram Kumar -To ensure all the Labs are in working condition with broadband/LAN connectivity for carrying out Computer Literacy classes and effectively with the assistance of Computer instructors and To submit monthly updates To the office.
11 Maintenance and updating of website Mr Ashok Sengupta PGT (CS) Mrs C.K.Divya, Mrs Mini Mullath,Mrs Jasmine To update the website of the Vidyalaya after taking stock of the day to day activities /achievements
12 Audio-Visual Aids Mrs Leena John PGT maths Mrs Shantini TGT A.V. Room to be well equipped with workable LCD, OHP etc. for ensuring TAL/CAL is undertaken by the teachers by maintaining a Register in the A.V. Room.
13 Prize Distribution Mrs Mini Mullath Mrs.Subha.M,Mrs T.Rejitha, Mrs Isha Mahajan, Mrs Jasmine, Mrs Yoshita To be responsible for purchase of suitable prizes for different competitions, distribute  certificates and prizes to  the students when needed.
14 Gardening (Nature/Eco club) Mr Naryan Das Mrs Saraswathy Chandran,
Mrs Annapoorna Pai, Mrs Seema Saraswath,Mrs Beena T K
To monitor the work of gardener effectively and to offer technical expertise to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time.
15 Excursion/Field trips Mr A.K.Singh,
Mrs Rekha H.
Mrs Ranjini Rangaswamy,Mrs Jyothi Agarwal, Mr DS Suresh, Miss Anjali To check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the codal provisions in consultation with the Class teachers/Principal
16 Vidyalaya VikasNidhi /Purchase Committee Mrs K.Latha Mr Narayan das, HM,
Mr I. Nagaraj,Mrs KU Preetha and dept heads concerned.
To prepare and implement budget as per the KVS norms.
17 M & R -Vidyalaya Mr Shivkumar Mrs Latha,Mr Narayan das, HM,
Mr I. Nagaraj,Mrs KU Preetha 
To carry out maintenance & repair work of building toilets, surroundings & play field
18 M & R Staff Qtrs Mr SM Chauhan Mr Subash vasu, Mr Ramkumar,
Mr DS Suresh, Mrs Ranjini Rangaswamy
To coordinate the maintenance/repair work  including general cleanliness in the staff quarters.
19 Hindi Implementation Mr BL Meena,Mrs Jyothi Agarwal Mrs Kanakalatha Sinku,Mr Kisun lal, Ms Arti To conduct quarterly meetings of Rashtrabhasha and to submit quarterly reports to the Regional Office.
20 Publication Mrs Mini Mullath, Mr DS Suresh Mrs Isha,Mr Manjunath,
Mr TA Prakshan, Mrs Neha Sharma, Mr Sonu, Ms Yoshitha
In charge of school magazine and any other issues related to publication.
21 Scouts & Guides Cubs & Bulbuls Mr A.K.Singh,Mrs Vimala Sarwa, Mrs Deepti Francis Mrs Daisy Nelson, Mr Ashutosh, Mr Sonu kumar, Mr Vishal, Ms Rekha -To enrol Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO.
22 Academic council Mrs Latha, HM Mr V.Pujari, Mr BL Meena, Mrs Leena John, Mr AK Singh, Mrs A.Geetha To checkout and implement projects and assignment for all the classes. To ensure proper correction of written work of the students.To give suitable guidelines in the faculty meetings
23 Slow Learners Programme Mrs Latha Mrs Liji Mathew,
Mr AB Subash,Mrs Cisy TV,
Mrs Isha Mahajan, Mrs Priya G. Nath and Mrs. PP Reena
To collect the student profile of all classes from the Class Teachers.To supervise the remdial programme in school. To collect the details from teachers and prepare reports to be sent to RO on monthly basis
24 NAEP   Mrs Priya G.Nath Mrs PPReena,Mrs Neelu sharma and Mr Subash Vasu To conduct  programmes as per the guidelines given in the training.To maintain & update display board and a corner to keep these activities ongoing for various programmes.
25 Guidance and counseling Mrs K.Latha Mrs Priya G Nath To plan and organise the activities and monitor it effectively giving proper guidance on regular take the help of Counselor in conducting the above activities
26 CS   54
  (Fees and fines checking)
Mrs Leena John PGT maths Mrs Shantini, Mrs Bindu Data to be filled in the relevant records every month and submit to the office.
27 PTA Meetings Mrs Liji Mathew,Mrs Indira Mrs Cisy TV, Mrs Isha Mahajan -To checkout Annual plan of meetings and to maintain minutes and records of such meetings.
28 Library Mrs Rita Kanojia Mr DSP Singh, Mrs Deepthi,
Mrs Rekha H. Ms Chandini
To procure text books and reference books recommended by CBSE as per the recommendation of faculty .To organize Class Library and to present book review. To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP.
29 General Grievance& Suggestion Mrs Latha.
Mrs Sudha
Mrs Mini Mullath To open boxes in time and attend to timely redrassal of grievances.
30 SC/ST Grievance Cell Mr B.L.Meena Mrs Anita Markam To open boxes in time and attend to timely redrassal of grievances.
31 Games, Sports & Vocational Skills Mr I.Nagaraj,Mrs Arti Gupta Mr Ashok Sengupta, Coaches, Yoga Instructor, Mrs Meenakshi Rawat, Mr Vishal, Ms Chandini To practice Yoga daily during the morning assembly to the students.  Identify the talented students participating at the Cluster, Regional and National Level Games in the first week of April in order to give them special training by the coaches with her involvement and to maintain record. To draw up class wise activities to be undertaken as per the syllabus.To coordinate with vocational teachers and train the students for various activities. To encourage all students to take part in the Drawing and Painting competitions.
32 First - Aid& Medical Check-up Mr I.Nagaraj, Doctor, Nurse and all Class Teachers To attend to injuries of the students and provide first- aid on time asand when required.with the help of doctor &nurse
33 Water Management Mr I.Nagaraj Mr T.Naryan das, Mr Manjunath Sharma, Mr Ram Kumar To ensure uninterrupted water supply in all the toilets and other places. To ensure periodical cleanliness of aqua guards with the display of date of cleaning on a separate Register.
34 House Keeping & Security Mr T.Naryan Das& Mrs K.Latha Mrs P.Lalitha, Mrs M.Subha,Mrs Seema Saraswat,
Mrs Saraswathy Chandran, Mrs Bindu, Mr SP Mandal, Mr SM Chuhan,
Mrs Jyothi Agarwal, Mrs Rathy Balakrishnan
To monitor the services of security and cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned.To monitor the reproting time of the conservancy staff
35 Teaching Aids Mrs T.Rajitha, Mrs Deepti Francis Mrs Beena TK, Mrs Rathy,
Ms Neelam Kumari, Mr Rajman
Proper maintenance of the teaching aids.Purchase of teaching aids as per the requirement of the new syllabus. To facilitate teachers using all the teaching aids in their class room teaching.
36 Adventure Activities Mr A.K.Singh Mr I.Nagaraj, Mr Manjunath Sharma To plan, organize and  accompany the students for the programmes identified by the KVS
37 Moderation Committee Mr B.L.Meena Mrs K.Latha, Mr T.Naryan Das, Mr V.Pujari,Mrs Leena John,Mr Ak Singh To scrutnise the Question papers set by the teachers for tests and exam,To check answer scripts of UT/Exams at random to ensure uniformity. To condone the shortage of attendance of students and moderate the marginal cases for promotion as per the promotion rules.
38 Club Activities Mrs Cisy TV Mrs Neelu Sharma, Mrs Tanuja Sharma, Mr Subash Vasu, Mrs KU Preetha, Mrs Deepti Tiwai, Mrss Neelam, Mrs Rajalakshmi Make a club by collecting the names of the students who are interested in various clubs. Keep a record of number of students in the club.Encourage them to make innovative projects.
39 Photography Mr Ashok Sengupta PGT (CS) Mrs Neha Sharma To maintain Album covering all activities.  To display all the coverage of all occasions.
40 P A System Mr Shiva Kumar,Mrs Rajalakshmi Mr Ashok sengupta, Mr Vishal, Mr Rajman To arrange PA system for morning assembly and other programmes.
41 Students’ Achievements chronicle Mrs Isha Mrs Mini Mullath, Mr AB Subash To give the report/List of students with details of Scholastic/co-scholastic competitions.       
42 Beautification Mrs Neha sharma,HM Mrs K.Latha,Mrs Anita markam, -To take care and maintain the beautification in all the areas of the Vidyalaya from time to time.
43 Display board Mrs Neha sharma, Mrs Mini Mullath, Mrs Tanuja Sharma and all house masters - To guide the students for proper selection of the material and decoration coupled with befitting display.
44 Morning Assembly Mrs Mini Mullath, Mrs Rajalakshmi, Mr I.Nagaraj All class teachers - To make all arrangements for smooth conduct of morning assembly including arrangement for special occasions.
45 Discipline Mr I.Nagaraj Mr Ashok Sengupta,Mr.T.Naryan Das ,Mr TA Praksahn,All coaches and yoga Instructor To ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any.  A separate file be maintained.
46 NCC Mr Manjunath Sharma Mr Ramkumar To conduct regular NCC Activities.
47 Orientation programme by outside agencies&Guest lectures Mrs Cisy TV Mrs Tanuja Sharma To arange for any presentation by Govt agencies, reputed agencies with the consultation of Principal
48 Newspaper in  Education Mr Subash vasu Mrs PP Reena To coordinate with  News paper agencies for tmely delivery of newspparer to the children, to arrange for workshops etc
49 Alumini Association Mrs Cisy TV Mrs Priya G Nath To corordinate with Alumini association and conduct activities
50 UBI Mrs Divya Computer instructors and all class teachers To monitor fee collection and updating of records  UBI website
51 VMC Meeting Mrs KU Preetha Mrs K.Latha To make arangements for conduct of VMC Meetings
52 EQUIP Mrs Priya G.Nath Mrs Reena, Mrs Annapoorna  
53 B TO B Mrs Priya G.Nath&HM All teachers teaching class I to VIII To implement the BtoB policy in letter and spirit and maintain records
54 Sanitation and upkeep of School plant Mrs Latha, HM Mr Shivkumar, Mr I Nagaraj, Mr Naryan das Mrs Saraswathy Chandran, Mrs P.K.Bhanumathy and all dept incharges To monitor the sanitation and upkeep of the vidyalaya and coordinate with the housekeeping work in extracting work from them
55 Fire Safety Mr Shiva Kumar Mr I.Nagaraj, Mr Manjunath Sharma To ensure that sufficient fire extinguishers are in place as per the safety policy and maintain the extinguishers already installed